Our Birds

Here at Tasty Birds we believe in beautiful locally sourced produce, cooked fresh each day to perfection. Nothing is ever frozen and we know exactly what is in all of our food. Provenance is key in everything we do, we like relationships with our suppliers and our customers. It not only help's us grow but help's them too.

All of our chickens are purchased from local Yorkshire farmers who we trust and have known for a long time, not because it’s a popular band wagon to jump on but it’s what we have always done.

Our Team

We are professionally trained chefs who like nothing more than having great food and a great time. With over 40 years of joint experience (even though we both only look 30!) and bags of passion for what we do, we truly understand how to create good food and a great atmosphere to eat it in. We operate in a fun, fast and friendly style and all our staff are people we have used for years, we trust them and love working with them on each job.

Andi and Chris

Our Trailer ‘Margaux‘

Our trailer was inspired by a trip around a beautiful French market. The gorgeous smells and tastes of mouth watering rotisserie chickens, pototoes and fresh croissants, a treat for the senses. The atmosphere of all the hustle and bustle, people enjoying themselves with delicious food and great company was more than inspiring for anyone.

After 4 years of running our hog roasting company it definitely felt like the right time to expand into Tasty Birds.